What is the Difference Between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics?

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One thing that you may often notice related to business intelligence is its resemblance to business analytics or business analysis.

According to the CIO, BI is more descriptive. That is, business intelligence tells you what is happening now, as well as what happened in the past until finally the company is in its current state.

Meanwhile, business analysis is a general term for predictive data analysis techniques. That is, business analysis will tell you what you should do to get better results.

However, the difference between the two is not only descriptive and predictive, but also about who business intelligence is intended for.

According to an explanation from Stitch Data quoted from the CIO page, business intelligence is trying to present a snapshot of the company’s current condition.

Meanwhile, business analysis generates predictions and suggestions, which require the services of data science experts to analyze and interpret the data used.

Therefore, one of the goals of business intelligence is to produce data to reports that can be easily understood, even by non-technical end users.

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